Why a 1001 aubergines…

Back in the mist of time, when I was a young adult and a vegetarian, aubergines were considered by most people as exotic, but became one of my staple ingredients – I kept coming up with many ways of using aubergines, so much so my housemates joked about 101 thing to do with a dead aubergine (dead cats cartoons were in vogue then) and then as the recipes continued to 1001 things…

Even though I am no longer a vegetarian, aubergines are still frequently used in my cooking. I consider them the emperors of the veg world, both in terms of the imperial purple as well as taste and texture!

This blog is not solely about aubergine recipes, but what I cook for my family on a day-today basis. I try to cook seasonally and use left overs, responsibly sourced ingredients and reduce waste when ever possible. The blogs may also go off track and drift on to guitar riffs and other hobbies and interests.

My main influences are Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstal and the River Cottage crew, Nigel Slater, Rick Stein (because he uses local recipes, not his own) and Tessa Kiros. I get my veg and fruit from Riverford as well as use their excellent recipes.  I also have a collection of Ambrose Heath books from the 30s & 40s which I occasionally dip into.

These dishes are normally not very difficult, won’t be fancy cooking, but hopefully lots of flavours and from a wide range of cultures. I don’t do many desserts, but when I do I will post.

Warning: I am aiming to post some of my recipes that don’t go to plan and I hope some of you may tell me where I went wrong… be kind!

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